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Bear Creek Junior Baseball Mission Statement

Bear Creek Junior Baseball offers the youth in our community the opportunity to play the game of baseball.   Our focus will be on learning and mastering the fundamentals of the game.  We value competition that builds character through discipline, teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship. Our goal is to give every player with the desire to do so the skills to succeed to the absolute limit of their own ability.  We will strive to develop players with the skill and love for the game, to not only compete at the Junior level, but to thrive at the next level as well.

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***Registration for the 2019 Baseball Season*** is officially open!   AA...

AYL 2019 Season Schedule: Tentitive   o    AYL...
2019 Spring Baseball Tryouts
BCJB 2019 Spring Baseball tryouts are scheduled for 10/14 &...
2019 Bear Creek Junior Baseball Board
  2019 Baseball Board Members Director- Claude Vigil   ...

***Registration for the 2019 Baseball Season*** is officially open!


  • AA Teams – 12 Game Regular Season, 3 game guaranteed Tournament, Playoffs/World Series
    • Note:  New for 2019, included in the registration fee will be an entry into the AYL AA Classic Tournament on May 3rd – 5th  
  • AAA / Majors Teams – 10-12 Game Regular Season, 3 game guaranteed Tournament, Playoffs/World Series
    • รข€‹Note:  The Tournament included in your registration fee will be the AYL Spring Blast Tournament  on Apr 5th – 7th

Registration Costs:

Included in your BC registration …

- Participation in AYL League, which is arguably the most competitive baseball league

- AYL Tournament mentioned above

- Hat and Jersey

- Game balls

- Team Insurance

- 8-13’s (2nd – 7th grade) - $350

- 14’s (8th grade) - $350


Baseball Tryouts: **Sunday's (Oct. 14th) tryouts are Cancelled due to weather!! Reschedule date coming soon!!**

Our Baseball Tryouts will be split in two days, Sunday, October 14th for 8,9,10,11's (cancelled) and Sunday, October 28th for 12,13,14's. There is a $25 non-refundable deposit due in order to attend tryouts. Once you are placed on a BC team, that $25 will be credited to your registration dues. The tryout is for the following players:


  • Players that want to try out for 8-Majors
  • New players joining the Bear Creek organization
  • Players that are not being protected by their previous team
  • Players looking to change teams or tryout for a higher level
      (please contact – Claude Vigil:  Josh Tafoya: 
  • The baseball divisions available starting with the highest are - Majors, AAA, AA, 

What:         Bear Creek Baseball Tryout

When:         Cancelled :SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 8,9,10,11's - 8/9's (9:00) 10/11's  (11:30)

When:         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 12,13,14'S- (1:30)

Where:        Denver Christian School- 3898 S. Teller St, Lakewood, CO. 80235 (Both Dates)

Equipment: Players should come prepared with all their equipment, glove and bat/helmet if they have one. 

AYL has elected to not make any changes for the 2019 season in relation to “grade-based” or baseball bats. However, BC will continue to strongly encourage players especially at the AAA / Majors level to play their grade. It is always OK to play up a grade, but we recommend not playing down a grade. There are so many examples of playing down a grade that negatively impacts the player heading into their 7th/8th grade seasons.

  • 14's (8th grade)
  • 13's (7th grade)
  • 12's (6th grade)
  • 11's (5th grade)
  • 10's (4th grade)
  •  9's (3rd grade)
  •  8's (2nd grade)

Thank you!

Bear Creek Junior Baseball (BCJB)

by posted 10/04/2018

AYL 2019 Season Schedule: Tentitive


o    AYL Baseball Schedules posted:

o    14's League ~ 2/24/19

o    9 - 14 Year Old Competitive Leagues ~ 2/24/19

o    8 Year Old Competitive Leagues ~ 3/17/19

o    6 - 13/14 Developmental League ~ 3/17/19

o    AYL Spring Blast Tournament Dates ~ 4/5/19 – 4/7/19

o    4 Game Guarantee

o    AYL AA Classic Tournament Dates ~ 5/3/19 – 5/5/19

o    3 Game Guarantee

o    14's League:

      o     Season Opener ~ 3/6/19

o    8 Games + Single Elimination Playoffs

o    14's rosters are Frozen! ~ 4/8/19

o    Season End ~ 5/2/19

o    Playoffs ~ 5/6/19 ~ 5/9/19

o    World Series ~ 5/15/19 (AAA) ~ 5/16/19 (M)

o    8 - 13 Competitive League (AAA/Majors):

      o    9 - 13 Competitive Season Opener ~ 3/5/19      

o    14  Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)

      o    8 Competitive season opener  ~ 4/9/19

o    12 - 14 Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)

      o    Competitive League Season End ~ 5/23/19

o    Competitive League Playoffs ~ 5/28/19 – 5/30/19

      o    Competitive League World Series: Both AAA/Majors ~ 6/4/19 ~ 6/5/19

o    Developmental League (AA): Season opener  - 4/6/19

o    Season Opener ~ 4/6/19

o    11 games + Double Elimination Playoffs

o    Developmental League Season End ~ 6/13/19

o    Developmental League Playoffs ~ 6/15/2019 – 6/23/19 

          o  (Games played during the week)

      o    Developmental League World Series:  AA ~ 6/25/19 ~ 6/26/19

Important Dates:

      o    AA/AAA/Majors rosters are Frozen! – 4/28/19

o    Rockies night – 6/7/2019

o    Coaches CLINIC & MEETING – 2/24/2019              

              6 - 8 ~ 8 AM to 10:15 AM

              9 - 11 ~ 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM

             12 - 14 ~ 1:30 PM to 4 PM


by posted 10/03/2018
2019 Spring Baseball Tryouts

BCJB 2019 Spring Baseball tryouts are scheduled for 10/14 & 10/28.

Ages 8 & 9  - 10/14/18 @ 9:00am (Cancelled due to weather)

Ages 10 & 11 - 10/14/18 @ 11:30am (Cancelled due to weather)

Ages 12,13,14 - 10/28/18 @ 1:30pm


Location: Denver Christian School

3898 S Teller St

Lakewood, CO 80235


All Players must attend tryouts at their designated time.  Please come prepared with all necessary baseball attire; Glove, Cleats, Bat, CUP, Water.

Follow the "Register Online" link on the left side of this page.

by posted 10/02/2018
2019 Bear Creek Junior Baseball Board


2019 Baseball Board Members

Director- Claude Vigil   

Assistant Director- Josh Tafoya   

AYL County Representative-   Open

Assistant County Representative- Armando Salas III armandosalas3@yahoo.com

Field Scheduler/Registrar- Bob Lazzaro   

Baseball Treasurer-  Open

Baseball Secretary- Krysty Wolf   


Fall Baseball Director- Jason Aguilar

Minors Baseball Director-  Open

Baseball Fields/Facilities- Open


posted 10/15/2017

Congratulations to the Bear Creek High School students and BCJSA alumni who signed today to play college baseball!

Brandon Schoengarth- Eastern New Mexico
Jack Radford - Southern Illinois
Jakob Pigati - Iowa Western
Walker Rumsey - University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Bear Creek High School
Baseball Program Information
Baseball Tournaments


Go to www.cabacolorado.com for details

Sponsors Include

Dick's Sporting Goods

Field Status
Addenbrook Park - Lakewood TBD (10/16) 
Columine West - Littleton TBD (10/16) 
Green Gables Par - Lakewood TBD (10/16) 
Indoor Facility TBD (10/16) 
Jefferson Green - Lakewood TBD (10/16) 
Kendallvue - Morrison TBD (10/16) 
Louisvill Complx - Louisville TBD (10/16) 
Rockies Field - Denver TBD (10/16) 
Schafer Complex - Lakewood TBD (10/16) 
The Link - Lakewood TBD (10/16) 
Trappers Glenn - Littleton TBD (10/16) 
Weaver Hollow - Morrison TBD (10/16) 
Westgate - Lakewood, TBD (10/16)